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I have re-discovered the love for films shown not on a commercial silver screen, but in our home theatre. Time has changed. So here is the list of films which I had watched on DVDs since June 2009 (of course, there’s a lot more than I can remember) , along with their corresponding star-ratings based on my own movie metrics such as overall production, direction, art direction, cinematography, musical scoring, casting and acting…..

I do admire the award-winning directors and producers who made all these films possible–including the rated less.

A Passage to India *****
Amelia ***
Angels in America **
Arabian Nights
Ask the Dusk
A Walk in the Clouds ****
Beautiful Dreamer *****
Being Julia *****
Beyond the Sea ***/2
Blood Diamond ***/2 RI
Bobby Jones ****
Boys on the Side (E)****
Bucket List ***
Butterfly Lover ***
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin ****
Children of the Silk Road ****
Closer ***/2
Dirty Dancing ***
Elegy ****
From Here to Eternity ***
Ghandi *****
Godfather I/ II/ III *****
Good Will Hunting ***/2
Gran Torino ****
Heading South **
Head in the Clouds ***
How Much is your Love? ***
Human Touch ****
It Could Happen to You ***
Japanese Story
Jesus Christ Superstar ***
Kokoda (H/E)***
Ladies & Gentlemen *****
La Vie en Rose ****
Last Chance Harvey ****
Les Miserables *** (S)
Lilya 4-Ever ****
Love and Honor *****
Love in the Time of Cholera ****
Love Story ****
Man About Town (EC)****
Maria Full of Grace ****
Marley & Me ***
Matchpoint ****
Memoirs of a Geisha *****


“A Geisha is not only a rich man’s mistress, but also an artist.”

Mr Bean **
Music and Lyrics (E)****
Nights in Rodhante **
Notebook *****
Nothing Like the HOlidays
Original Sin *****
Pancho Villa ***
Phantom of the Opera *****
Prime (E) ****
Rabbit-Proof Fence (H/E)***
Ramen Girl ****
Revolutionary Road ***
Rocky Balboa ***
Romeo and Juliet ****
Sex in the City 1 & 2
Shadow Magic ****
Shall We Dance ***
Seven Pounds ***
Sommersaults ***
Stepford Wives ****
Sunshine ****
Sweet Home Alabama **
Table for three
Take the Lead ****
Talk of Angels ****
The Case of Benjamin Button *****


Superb cinematography, fantastic image manipulation

The Day the Earth Stood Still ***
The Duchess ****
The Elysian Fields ****
The Intelligent Mr. Ripley ***
The Legend of Fall ****
The Man from Snowy River ****
The Merchant of Venice ***/2
The Piano Teacher ***
The Secret (Motivational)
The Shawshank Redemption ****
The Treatment
The Unforgiven ***
The 13th Warrior ***
To Kill a Mochingbird ***
Tortilla Soup ****
Tuck Everlasting ***
Twilight ***
Under the Tuscan Sun ****
Valkyrie ***
Vicky Cristina Barcelona *****
Unforgiven ***/2
Waiting to Exhale (E)****
West Side Story
Yes Man ***

E – Entertaining
EC – Excellent Comedy
H/E – Historical/Educational
RE- Relevant Issue


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